Employee Recognition.
Social, Mobile, And Effective.

We Make it Easy to Say Thanks at Work


Employees don’t feel like they are fully engaged in their work according to Gallup.

This disengagement leads to turnover and misalignment of employees to company values.

Ways We Help HR Embrace a Social Enterprise

1. Recognition

Old Way
Infrequent, top-down, hard to measure.
New Way
Timely, peer-based, measurable.

2. Employee Feedback

Old Way
Irregular and hard to standardize.
New Way
Collected from cross functional team members.

3. Performance Reviews

Old Way
Annual. “Have to” not “want to”.
New Way
On-going conversation among employees.

4. Collaboration

Old Way
Offline meetings and status calls.
New Way
Social and visible, centralized.

We Make Recognition Timely, Public, and Meaningful


We focus on capturing frequent praise.


News feeds share recognition across the company.


Dashboards align recognition with corporate goals.

Common Themes We Hear

“We want to bring our recognition program from offline to online.”
- Fortune 100 Co.
“We are looking for a way to capture and report on individual performance data.”
- Leading Job Board
“We crave a way to reward employees for the smaller successes.”
- Global Insurance Co.
“We want to increase visibility of the great work being done across the organization.”
- Top Manufacturing Co.
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