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Employee Engagement Platform

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Every culture is unique. Think of us as the company that provides a recognition and engagement platform that's implemented faster than turning on a generic module in your HRIS system, yet fully customized to your unique organization’s culture. Together we think through the employee experience form on-boarding to off-boarding and create meaningful programs. Think of our technology as the fulfillment engine for all the genuine moments your employees want to celebrate.

Benefit is that we personalize our HR tools to your programs and goals across Engagement, Recognition, and Insights.

We are known for discovering employees making an impact and in turn helping senior leaders celebrate achievements.

We started with a focus on employee recognition in 2009 and have grown to help clients think through the entire employee experience. Read more in our listing in the World at Work vendor directory.

Key Capabilities


Stand-alone or integrated tool for employees to give praise aligned to a company value. Utilize points or other budgeting methods to create a rewarding experience.


Introduce your corporate culture in a fresh and innovative way with our recently released onboarding experience perfect for today's hybrid world. 

Global Awards

We provide a catalog of global rewards and are proud to be able to offer tangible awards, gift cards, and other meaningful awards for your global population. Many of our clients utilize our global network to easily handle complicated situations.


Employee Experience

Identify bottlenecks or programs that need to be freshened up. We streamline and implement programs that may span employee development, milestones, awards, etc.


We avoid buzzwords, but can assure you that our dashboards and reporting will equip your HR and senior leaders with insights to help increase engagement and retention.


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Every culture is unique and we have 10+ years of experience crafting programs to address your culture gaps and improving as you go. HR leaders are "our people" and we help you ensure your ideas and programs are measurable, stress-free, and just work.

We choose not to promote ourselves as a platform that only does A, B, C. Instead we have a best-practices infrastructure our global clients use and then adapt it to your unique situation. This approach has served us well.

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We've been working on recognition and engagement programs since 2009.

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