Employee Engagement Re-Imagined

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What is KangoGift?

We help companies foster great corporate cultures with tools that help managers and employees give timely feedback and recognition. We know a great workplace leads to higher performing teams, happier employees, and increased retention. We'd welcome the chance to share how we work closely with our clients to create engagement programs that shine.

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How We Help Organizations

  • Create an employee experience that exemplifies your culture.
    • On-boarding, spot awards, service awards, and other initiatives
  • Human Resources
    • Streamline multiple recognition initiatives 
    • Automate programs
    • Measure engagement and retention
  • Executives
    • Employee insights and forecasting of internal trends across groups
  • Managers
    • Easy way to give authentic praise and feedback
    • Coaching and reminders
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Our Employee Engagement Platform

Recognition | Service Awards | Peer Recognition | and More
Employee Experience
From on-boarding to retirement, create a plan that engages employees at all stages of their journey with your organization. We work with our clients to craft programs together that ensure employees are being recognized for all achievements (big and small).
Smart Managers
Our customized solutions offer managers timely insights into their employees and alert them to opportunities to share praise and feedback. Our tools also guide managers in giving authentic recognition that is aligned to a company value or a team goal.
Employee Recognition
Employees benefit from frequent communication. HR can align various recognition programs such as service awards, on-the-spot programs, and custom programs onto our platform to ensure all recognition is aligned to key organizational goals.
Employee Insights
Our customized reports offer tailored analytics to inform managers, HR, and leadership with analytics on how individual employees, groups of employees or your workforce as a whole are  making achievements and aligning to company goals. 

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Increase In Employee Retention.

For one major U.S. manufacturing client, we tripled the employee participation rate in the company's revamped recognition program and saw employee retention rates  increase over time.
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