About KangoGift

KangoGift was named a "Brilliant Idea" by Entrepreneur Magazine for making employee recognition easy and instant. Global organizations looking to enhance their corporate cultures partner with KangoGift to craft employee recognition programs that are designed for the way people want to be rewarded today. By tapping into the digital workplace, KangoGift is able to offer simple and effective HR tools that help companies deliver praise at the right time for the right behavior. This focus on innovation has led to a successful partnership with IBM. Achievements include winning or being named a finalist in Mass TLC's Mobile Innovation Awards, MITX's Start-up of the Year, MassChallenge, and a YEi French Laureate.  KangoGift is based in Cambridge, MA. 

We are a team of HR leaders and technologists recognized for building award-winning products.

Todd Horton (Founder/CEO) of KangoGift

Todd Horton

Todd is the Founder/CEO of KangoGift.

While living in Korea, Todd taught a marketing class and after class one day a student sent him a latte from Starbucks to his phone in the form of a digital gift card. The student wanted to thank him for a great class and give a little something to show his appreciation.

Todd was so struck by the idea of receiving an instant thank you that he moved back to Boston and launched KangoGift.

KangoGift began as a way for friends and family to send thoughtful gifts to any mobile device. Entrepreneur Magazine called KangoGift a “Brilliant Idea” for the way the site made it easy to celebrate the small things in life. Over time, companies took notice of KangoGift and used it as a way to give timely employee recognition that was aligned to an organization's values. Todd has become a recognition expert and enjoys collaborating with clients to bring his HR and technology experience to create experiences employees value. 

Earlier in his career, Todd held a variety of roles at Monster Worldwide where he was the marketing director for JobKorea in Seoul, Korea and helped Monster enter Turkey, Russia, Mexico, and Brazil. Back in the day, Todd was one of the earliest employees of Salary.com which went public in 2007.

Todd has a B.A. degree from Boston College, and an MBA from Yale.


Vilém Procházka

Vilém is KangoGift’s Head of Technology. He oversees all aspects of the recognition platform including the mobile tools and digital gifting technology that use data and insights to deliver praise. Vilém also heads up the IBM partnership where KangoGift’s core features are incorporated with IBM Connections – one of the top enterprise collaboration tools and IBM SmartCloud.

When not coding, Vilém is probably at the gym or out on his mountain bike.

Previously he held a variety of roles at Universal Music group and studied at Czech Technical University.