Service and Birthday Awards

We specialize in crafting custom service and birthday recognition programs. Clients define what should happen and then our system automates the process. Key differentiating factors include the ability to support custom awards, e-gift cards, fun group recognition, and manager alerts. Each program is tailored to the clients' needs and provides each recipient with a memorable experience.


How it Works

  1. We discuss which occasions to celebrate.
  2. We identify what data we need. 
  3. We set up a way to receive that data. 
  4. We automatically reward people with little to no administration on the part of the client.
  5. We can work as a stand alone solution or integrate into current HR technology.



We wanted to freshen up our award program.

“Our old service awards started to feel stale. Employees were not excited looking through a catalog and then receiving an item they may not use. KangoGift not only automates the process, but also gives employees what they value and enjoy.”

— M.T.