We Fulfill and CentralizeYour Global Awards

Create a catalog of rewards across all programs that suit your culture and goals.

The challenge may be that you have teams across the world giving awards and you are looking for a way to track and measure everything in one system. We help centralize your award management into one simple platform that can integrate with payroll.

Gift Cards
20+ countries included in our system. Our approach is to combine global and local brands for each country.
Sometimes employees prefer tangible items such as electronics, clothing, and appliances.
Travel and Experiences
Simply share tickets and/or hotel reservations. Or let our concierges plan unique employee reward experiences.
Your Awards
Customize your award catalog with items, experiences, unique to your organization. PTO, company merchandise, wellness. We incorporate it into our system.

Simplify Rewards for Hybrid Era

We help with specific challenges like we just need to order gift cards to celebrate a milestone to a full global platform where we fulfill and track to let you integrate your own awards into a catalog tailored to your population.

Think of us as your reward and incentive partners. You can buy awards through us or we can be the tool that helps you track all your award programs. The big idea is that in the current workplace, teams and managers are giving awards and HR may be looking for a way to centralize the process. The benefit is to ensure best pricing on gift cards, merchandise, and travel awards. Plus our approach is to tie our system with your payroll and internal systems for seamless reporting. 

What differentiates us from other vendors is that we are award agnostic. You choose what awards your employees want. We even have innovative ways of letting employees share what they want and prefer. Then when leaders are giving awards, we suggest what the employee wants. Yes, we have our own global catalog of awards, but we also fully support your internal awards such as PTO, learning and development, and other benefits you may offer. 

How We Help

Bring together your programs and have one system of record for your reward spend, reporting, and budgeting.

Rewards for All Occasions

We create a catalog your employees will value

Frequently Asked Questions

We curate reward catalogs for each client.

What type of rewards and incentives do you offer?

We have a global catalog of awards that can address your goals. These include: 


A. Global gift cards. Support for 20+ countries. 

B. Prepaid Visa and Mastercards

C. Merchandise 

D. Travel 

E. Concierge services. Give your employees something special. 

While you don't have to purchase awards from us to centralize and track your reward programs, most clients like the one primary source of reward purchasing.

How do you handle taxes?
Our platform understands which awards are taxable and can handle if you choose to tax the employee or gross them up. We then provide payroll reporting. 
Can we use our own awards?
Yes, our approach is that clients may have their own awards they want to offer and fulfill for employees. We become the system to streamline the process of tracking, alerting stakeholders, and reporting.
Can we order gift cards?
Yes, we are more than happy to fulfill your gift card order. We offer 100+ brands and can turn around large or small orders quickly. No need to subscribe to our software for reward only purchases.

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