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Here is how KangoGift will make your life easier! 

KangoGift works with innovative and creative Human Resources professionals to address their greatest problem: employee engagement and retention. Every HR manager knows about the costs associated with hiring and on-boarding an employee as much as the much smaller costs of engaging employees. 

KangoGift brings a wealth of expertise and understanding to this situation because we learn from our client's leaders themselves about current and emerging problems they are facing. We then work together to provide cost effective solutions that engage employees and maximize employee retention. 

The KangoGift solution works to enhance the employee experience by empowering managers to directly engage employees by rewarding them for a variety of results and accomplishments. We help organizations to succeed by creating that environment where all employees can be recognized for accomplishments on a timely and direct basis.  The KangoGift solution brings data and analysis to senior level management to provide a correlation between employee engagement and managerial effectiveness.  KangoGift provides Human Resources innovators with the ideal solution to create and analyze employee engagement. 

The workplace is changing rapidly. Our approach is to hear the key challenges you are trying to solve around employee happiness and adapt our tools to enhance the employee experience, recognition, engagement, and insights.

Some of the ways we increase employee happiness are through: 

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