How Diverse and Comprehensive Is the Reporting Part Of the Solution

In a word: Very.

KangoGift provides you with two, highly relevant, user defined reports That suit your needs.  We offer:

A report sent out to key audiences and stakeholders on a regular basis. This is an example of the customer defined data that KangoGift provides.  Do you need to find out how certain managers are acknowledging members in their team, that's one of the may things KangoGifts reporting can show you. 

A report that shows insights, identifies trends and can find outliers in your organization, making it easier to see what's going on in certain areas or how certain managers are acting.  Or maybe you can find out both? In any event HR innovators can shine multiple lights on areas of concerns and direct to senior managers the information they need to take appropriate steps.

We also provide country specific payroll reports which factor in the unique tax structures of the countries our clients work in. making it easier

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