Reinforce Values

Help a global company promote impactful work

Global company was growing via acquisition and wanted to reinforce good work. Challenge was unifying disparate employee populations around central core values.

The Goal

Roll out a global recognition tool that supports each country's goals, values, and reward options.


Popular tool within the company that has withstood 3 HR leadership changes.


Public $1B+ market cap company with employees in 20+ countries.


100,000+ recognition moments captured and retention impact measured in various ways.

About The Project

The head of total rewards wanted to rollout a common recognition tool to bring together the multiple acquisitions they were undertaking. They were sensitive that each local market would want to do their own thing. Yet central HR sought visibility and metrics around global praise and impact.

Our team adapted our core, SaaS, recognition tool to give employees and managers in each country a way to give recognition in a way they sought. The trade off is that HR got centralized reporting and each country had the chance to specify the rules around budgets, approvals, and the employee experience.

Identified the values
Brought together global employee groups to define shared values.
Defined ways to reinforce values
Asked employees how they wanted those values to be recognized. We put together a peer recognition, leader recognition, service award, and innovation award programs.
Measured success by program participation, survey feedback, and employee retention.



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