Length of Service Awards

Celebrate Employee Milestones in Meaningful Ways

Service Awards for Today's Employee

Our service award solution is designed to celebrate each year of service an employee has with your organization. We work with clients to create customized award experiences for each milestone. Alert managers and team members to upcoming milestones, automatically send an award to an employee, and have all reporting and approvals integrated within one system. 

Our Approach to Service Milestones

Celebrate Every Year

Long term tenure is no longer guaranteed. With that in mind, we recognize the importance of celebrating every employee milestone in meaningful ways. This typically means finding ways to reward each year of service.

Make the Recognition Meaningful

Our service award platform was designed with two goals in mind 1) simplify the administration and reporting of service awards and 2) recognize employees in meaningful ways. Since 2012, organizations of all sizes have used our service award module to thank employees.

Customized to Each Corporate Culture

Our approach is to help clients customize the employee experience for each year of service. We work together on how to notify managers of upcoming awards, deliver an award to an employee, and help with reporting.

Service Awards for Today's Employee

What Makes Our Service Award Product Unique
Streamine the process
Review and approve employees eligible for a service award. Then have our platform automatically process awards and create compliance reports.
Alert HR and Managers
No more spreadsheets! Avoid manually processing service awards. We automatically HR teams steps that require attention. otify managers to upcoming service milestones for members of their teams. Include key employee achievements in these notifications
Integrated Reporting
Receive monthly activity summaries along with payroll integration reports. Reports show statistics around program performance.
Send awards anytime
 Send an employee their service award on their anniversary day or send whenever you like. Some clients send all awards at the beginning of the month. Email notifications provide details on their certificate and award (if included)
Customize the Award for Each Service Year
Show appreciation for each year of service. Create unique experiences for each year so that the employee journey is celebrated in a fun way annually.
Notify Stakeholders
Alert managers and colleagues of employees who are about to receive service milestones. Even enable co-workers to add their own words of support to awards.
What our customers are saying
KangoGift is awesome! Our associates love the various types of recognition they receive and our engagement scores have increased. - Communications Director
Our employees love KangoGift and we hear nothing but great things all the time! Thank you for creating such a wonderful product. — Linda Grimmer

Our service award tools automatically alert peers, managers, and executives of upcoming service milestones. This allows colleagues to send timely and meaningful messages to recipients.

Our service award programs are tailored to your goals and workflows. Work with our best practice default settings or craft a program with specific rules.
Our service award platform is designed to celebrate employee milestones in meaningful ways. 

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