Recognition Awards

Cost effective awards across 25 countries.

Recognition Awards Employees Value


Giving employees the ability to reward the right behavior is critical. We offer an incentive/award catalog of eGift cards and virtual Visas that provide employees with awards the deliver memorable experiences. We work with clients to craft custom reward catalogs.

Why eGift Cards

Our primary goal is to help organizations deliver meaningful and personalized recognition. We work hard at making it easy for colleagues to deliver heartfelt appreciation with each recognition moment. When a client seeks to include an award, we offer a global catalog of eGift cards. This approach ensures more of a client's recognition budget is put towards the employee and not product-based markups.

Why we offer eGift cards. 

1. More cost effective than physical goods

2. No shipping fees.

3. Instant. No mailing required. 

4. Choice. Employees can get what they value most.

"Our emplpyees love receiving a little birthday fun on their special day. We use KangoGift to compliment our other birthday programs and only hear positive things all the time."

- Healthcare Services Client, Austin.

How We Help With Rewards

Cost Effective

Centralize your award management and budgeting with one system. Create programs with budgets and send awards according to the rules you identify. This approach helps save time on administering programs and ensures awards are deliverd promptly to employees.


Save Time 

Get rid of spreadsheets or working with multiple people to manage various programs. Centralize your incentive and reward purchasing into our system that offers regular reporting to help ensure you stay within your program's goals.

More Money Goes to Employees

Our eGift card and eVisa approach helps ensure more of your budget goes to employees. No need to pay for shipping or pay markups on physical items.

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