Peer Recognition Platform

Capture praise from all employees on a common platform.

Flexible Recognition Platform

Enable all employees to give recognition to any colleague. Each recognition award is personalized and meaningful. We work with you to adapt our platform to your program's goals. It can be used as a stand-alone tool or incorporated into one of your workplace systems. 


Create a program where employees can receive recognition awards such as eGift cards, company benefits, charitable contributions, and custom award experiences to others. We work with clients to craft a catalog and point/value structure that works with your program goals. Our reward network spans 25 countries.

Flexible Recognition Platform

Key Features
Mobile Friendly

Our tools work across any device and adhere to your organization's security policies.

Adapt the program to your goals and workflows.
Promote Engagement
Research suggests regular praise and feedback leads to higheer levels of engagement. Celebrate great work.
Custom Reporting

Help leaders measure the impact of the program with customized reports.

Celebrate all great work
Promote a culture where all successes (large and small) are celebrated.
Foster Positivity
Regular positive feedback and praise help maintain an engaged and motivated workplace.
What our customers are saying
KangoGift is awesome! Our associates love the various types of recognition they receive and our engagement scores have increased. - Communications Director
Our employees love KangoGift and we hear nothing but great things all the time! Thank you for creating such a wonderful product. — Linda Grimmer
Designed for today's employee
Celebrate great work from anywhere with our tools designed to work on all devices and according to your program goals.
Make recognition rewarding

We help your employees express appreciation in ways that resonate. Our approach ensures praise is deliverd in an upbeat and measurable way.

Enhance corporate culture

Our approach is to help organizations enhance their corporate cultures. Our peer recognition tools are designed to increase employee connections.

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