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Recognition Tools for Today's Employee

Entrepreneur Magazine named us a “Brilliant Idea” for the way we help organizations reward employees. We combine our expertise in HR and employee engagement practices with a focus on using the latest technology to make recognition and rewards a smart, effective, and efficient process. 

Our approach is to understand each client's various recognition programs (service, spot, incentives, custom programs) and consolidate them onto our platform. 

Our Platform


Coordinate up to 10 recognition programs in one system. Combine your peer, manager, service, and special recognition programs. Centralize all your programs to gain the benefit of data insights and efficient administration.


Deliver recognition that resonates with today's employee. Foster a culture of sharing frequent praise and feedback while coaching managers on how to give effective praise. Our approach is designed to resonate with employees across all generations.


We stand out for our reporting. We help uncover insights and send customized recommendations to managers so that they can lead their teams effectively.

Recognition Tools for Today's Employee

What Makes Our Platform Unique
Streamline the process
Review and approve employees eligible for a service award. Then have our platform automatically process awards and create compliance reports.
Alert HR and Managers
No more spreadsheets! Avoid manually processing service awards. We automatically HR teams steps that require attention. otify managers to upcoming service milestones for members of their teams. Include key employee achievements in these notifications
Integrated Reporting
Receive monthly activity summaries along with payroll integration reports. Reports show statistics around program performance.
Send awards anytime
 Send recognition awards from more than 40 countries. Save money on your award budget
Customize the Award for Each Service Year
Show appreciation for each year of service. Create unique experiences for each year so that the employee journey is celebrated in a fun way annually.
Notify Stakeholders
Alert managers and colleagues of employees who are about to receive service milestones. Even enable co-workers to add their own words of support to awards.
We Love Our Customers
Our employees love KangoGift and we hear nothing but great things all the time! Thank you for creating such a wonderful product. — Linda Grimmer Heart_to_Heart_logo.png
KangoGift is awesome! Our associates love the various types of recognition they receive and our engagement scores have increased. - Communications Director Honda RandD Americas_logo.jpg
Recognize from Anywhere

All our tools are designed to work with today's employee. Access insights, awards, and give praise from any device.

There is no need to complicate an authentic thank you. Our approach is to make it easy to celebrate work in ways that offer insights into the workforce. 
Celebrate Positive Moments
Frequent praise and feedback is effective. Our tools help capture, deliver, and develop employees .

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