Employee Insights

Uncover insights and automatically alert executives, HR leaders, and managers to employee achievements.

Understand your employees in new ways


Benefit from the power of data. We are a team of HR practioniers and data geeks who can help you uncover insights into your workforce. By combining all recognition programs into one system, we are able to help find patterns, breakout employees, and uncover key influencers in your organization. We then are able to communicate findings and unique observations to stakeholders. Our all in one approach has helped organizations of various sizes.

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Putting the Power of Data to Work

1. We discuss what data sets are available

2. We help manage your recognition programs

3. We apply data analytics partially powered by IBM Watson

4. We generate actionable insights which executives, HR leaders, and line managers can use to enhance their employee feedback and praise practices


What is HR Big Data?

Everyone is talking about big data, AI, and smart tools. While we believe in the power of smart software, we also believe in the power of a good manager to recognize and reward good work. For this reason, our goal with using today's latest data analysis tools is to help uncover actional insights that we can share with a manager.

Examples of our analysis

1. Suggest which employees may be due for a recognition award

2. Alert managers to recognition opportunities for employees on their team


"Our emplpyees love receiving a little birthday fun on their special day. We use KangoGift for birthday awards and other recognition opportunities that the system alerts us to."

- Healthcare Services Client, Austin.

Our Approach to Uncovering Insights

We are a boutique HR technology company that works closely with organizations to apply the latest in data analysis tools to structured and unstructured data sets. Our success has been in our ability to help clients uncover actionable insights from disparate data.




A key element of our approach is to  provide guidance to line managers, executives, and employees on how to increase employee engagement and performance.
Another element of our success with data programs has been to create programs that solve specific issues. We begin all of our work by asking what is the goal and outcome desired. We then see what data sets are available to help come up with recommendations.
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