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Craft a Program Designed For Your Corporate Culture

We enjoy working with organizations on crafting unique recognition programs that have specific goals in mind. Learn something from an employee survey and want to implement it? We excel at combing our HR technology and HR practionier experience and crafting programs that are easy to administer and rewarding to employees.

Our product features
Identify the behaviors you want to reward
We work with you to identify the behaviors and values you want to reward.
Capture Data
Either through your own system or with our help, capture data that will impact the award process.
Create scenarios when to reward someone
Create a set of scenarios/rules that will specify when an employee should be recognized.
Automate the recognition
Once a condition is met, our system will automatically process the recognition award ensuring people are recognized in timely ways.
Notify stakeholders
Our messaging tools can alert all stakeholders when an award is processed. 
Enhanced reporting
Custom reporting is one of our strengths. Create insightful reports that capture how each program is performing.


We love crafting custom recognition programs that are designed to reward great work more frequently, provide HR insight into the workforce, and improve upon a process. Sample programs include:

Sales incentives, employee of the month, safety awards, workplace improvement awards, customer satisfaction awards, and others.

Craft a Program Designed For Your Corporate Culture

What our customers are saying
KangoGift is awesome! Our associates love the various types of recognition they receive and our engagement scores have increased. - Communications Director
Our employees love KangoGift and we hear nothing but great things all the time! Thank you for creating such a wonderful product. — Linda Grimmer
Our team's experience is in helping companies put together recognition programs that are effective and easy to administer. 
Our system is capable of sending real time alerts to all stakeholders in an organization. This approach helps managers reward more effecitively and keep people updated.
All programs are designed to be measurable and use the latest in data analysis to uncover insights.

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