Straightforward Pricing

Straightforward Pricing

Yes, we do charge.

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Don't see exactly what you are looking for? Shoot us a note and we will design a custom plan that fits you needs.


Best for HR Teams

per month


  • Send recognition awards
  • Centralize multiple programs
  • Data analytics


Best for your managers

per month


  • Everything in Starter
  • Private coaching
  • No cost adjustments


  • Reduced fees for awards
  • Program measurement


Best for large companies

per month


  • Unlimited programs
  • Trend insights
  • Senior leader reporting


  • Experiments
  • Ask us what you want

We adapt a plan to your culture and utilize the latest in scalable technologies.


The Numbers Speak For Themselves

Numbers tell stories too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are unique in that we adapt our tech platform for each client. Don't think of us as your 1990s enterprise software company. We are fast and make the tech personalized to you. We know this approach raises questions. 

Wait. What exactly do you do?

We bring together all your recognition programs under one umbrella. Thing peer, spot, service, attendance, CEO award, and rewards (gift cards, etc). We then help you learn about the org with insights from your programs. ROI is time savings and retention increases.

Can you help us improve our relationship with employees?

We believe in the power of saying thank you at work. There are many ways and reasons to share the impact employees are having. We foster positivity among your colleagues.

How hard is setup?

We do ask two things from clients. A conversation to know which programs you want to launch (e.g., manager program or company wide peer). Then we need a way to integrate with your HRIS. 

How will you help?

We help in two ways. Bring together all your ad-hoc programs into a clean system. Also, get nerdy and share insights into your workforce that make senior leaders more effective.

Why you over other vendors?

We view recognition as the pillar of culture. We then add programs onto that pillar to give you unique insights. We love our clients. We revert back to the old days where you will have one point of contact, no fees to make changes, and a team helping you focus on other areas. 

Do you offer rewards too?

Yes, we also help support the centralizing purchasing of gift cards globally and other types of rewards. Yes, we built a global network which you can call a competitive advantage.

We Are Chatty

Bottom line. We aren't an off the shelf SaaS tool. We'd enjoy hearing about your recognition and engagement ideas to explore if we can help.

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