Plans start at $250/month

We customize an employee recognition program to fit your budget and goals. All programs utilize our industry-leading platform, ability to purchase eGift cards, and are overseen by a dedicated success manager.

Employee Engagement Platform

Foster a culture of praise by employing recognition tools all employees can use to celebrate achievements - big and small.

  • Peer recognition
  • Service awards
  • On-the-spot awards
  • Incentive fulfillment
  • On-boarding gifts
  • Nomination-based programs
  • Budget management
  • Manager suggestions
  • Insights
  • Custom reports
  • Custom Messaging
  • Budgeting and Tracking Tools
  • Tax Reporting
  • HRIS Integration

Prices start at $250/month and increase based on the size of your company.

Employee Analytics

Our advanced insights tools help uncover which employees may benefit from praise or feedback. Our goal is to ensure the right employees are recognized to increase engagement and retention. 


  • Suggestion engine
  • Executive weekly reports
  • HR reports
  • Manager reminders to give praise
  • Coach managers

Enterprise Programs

Together we craft an employee success program that celebrates the employee journey. By celebrating employee milestones and rewarding successes engagement will increase and employees will foster a great workplace.