Employee Experience Platform

From on-boarding to retirement, we help companies engage employees at all stages of their tenure.  Our tools make managers more effective at creating great corporate cultures and rewarding employees aligned to your organization's values.

Authentic Employee Recognition

Corporate-speak is dead. We help employees and managers deliver tailored feedback and authentic praise. Our platform enables companies to define the circumstances when an employee should be recognized and also lets employees send praise at any time. 
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Manager Tools

Employees crave feedback, autonomy, and the ability to generate impact for their organizations. Our tools help managers reinforce and communicate the impact their team members are having on the company. Our advanced tools alert managers to recognition opportunities so that they can be more effective leaders.
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Employee Analytics and Insights 

Discover unique trends from your employee engagement data. Our tools help uncover insights and turn them into actionable information for executives and managers. We work with you to identify specific corporate culture goals and use our data analytics engine to guide managers and employees on how to increase effectiveness of giving praise for the right behaviors at the right times.

Awards and Incentives

We can help streamline your award and incentive offerings to employees. We provide access to awards and gift cards across 25 countries and can help you save money and administration time.