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A trend among clients is to create a "Me Profile" for each employee. Back in the day this all may have been remembered by the head of HR. "We know what they like." Today we work with clients on various forms to ask employees about their preferences, likes/dislikes, and softer stuff. Do you like dogs, cats, or other?

In simple terms we are sharing surveys you can use to ask employees what makes them unique. More strategically we integrate those preferences into things like performance reviews, managerial feedback, and ways the employee is celebrated.

The "Me Profile"Can Help

Envision asking all new hires how they like to be recognized, their favorite holiday. Then ask they every six months what they have accomplished so that managers can see it. This is our most popular enhancement.

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We are agile and help collect data and make sound decisions. There are times when the big consulting shops are needed. Other times, a partner that can make the process clear and actionable is what is needed.
Employee Focused
Our practice believes that the hybrid work model is here to stay. Thus we focus on ways to help employees share their preferences and what's meaningful to them in ways managers and leadership can see and take action.
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The team has presented at World at Work, been quoted in major publications such as Forbes, Bloomberg, and Inc. And educated at Yale's School of Management.
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