HR Tech Partner

We've worked with the IBM team since 2012 across various HR technology projects. We are particularly strong in using their Watson tools to help our clients gain employee insights.

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LDP Connect

LDP Connect provides research, networking opportunities and career support to the global community of professionals who manage, support or recruit for talent development programs for early career hires. 

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Solutions Partner

Compass Business Solutions, Inc. offers an array of outsourced human resources and business solutions. Our human resources consulting services encompass all aspects of the employee life cycle. At Compass, we navigate beyond the traditional HR concepts to facilitate the success of our clients. Whether your focus is growth, cost or a new business model, we utilize Compass talents and tools to optimize your organization’s revenue growth, leadership effectiveness, employee productivity, talent management, customer value and business processes. We deliver our solutions either on a project basis or through our outsourced solution called Compass HR OnCall.

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Atlas Compensation Partners

Atlas Compensation Partners, LLC (“Atlas”) is a compensation consulting firm that believes in
partnering with its clients to design and build effective compensation programs. Atlas brings
expertise in the areas of employee broad-based compensation, sales compensation and executive
compensation; both U.S. and around the globe.

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