Make it easy for your employees to say thank you. 

Entrepreneur Magazine named us a "Brilliant Idea" for our spot recognition product. Enable peers and managers to send e-gift cards and recognition certificates aligned to your company's values. As a boutique HR company, we enjoy personalizing our tools for each client. Companies of all sizes work with us for their social recognition, performance awards, training, wellness, incentive, and other customer reward programs.


Key Features

Very simple to use. 

Access e-gift cards for 20+ countries.

Send custom pdf recognition certificates.

Bring peer and/or manager driven recognition onto one system. 

Centralize your budgeting and approval processes with our rules engine.

Create multiple programs to track budgets, usage, and impact.



Enhance your culture
Many organizations lack a formal way to give praise. Celebrate all wins - big and small. 

Save Time
We bring your recognition program from offline to online. Streamline and centralize the entire recognition process.

Save Money
We help clients save time and money. Our simple approach ensures more of your recognition budget goes to employees, not to fees and other costs.


Customer Feedback

It just works.

“Our managers love the simplicity of KangoGift. It's quick, easy, and provides great reporting. It just works.”

— M.T.

We wish we started working with you earlier!

“We evaluated KangoGift a few years ago and decided to go with a larger recognition company. We didn't feel appreciated and were so happy to be welcomed by the KangoGift team”

— A.F.

Thank you for creating a wonderful product.

Our employees love KangoGift and we hear nothing but great things all the time from our employees!!!! Thank you for creating such a wonderful product.”

— B.B.


How Companies Use Our Tools


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