Convey Your Values

On-boarding to us is the way organizations communicate their values, mission, and support during the new hire phase. We aren't the system employees use to enter all their information or enroll in benefits. We are the soft tool to welcome people in a refreshing way. The first 90 days matter and we can help.

Get to Know the New Hire

We call it the "Me Profile" ask employees questions that help you get to know them.

Communicate Your Values

This isn't your grandma's welcome packet with the values listed in the back. It's a lively way to communicate how employees embrace the values unique to your culture.

Notify People

Help executives welcome new hires in personalized ways and alert peers via the tools they use to read company news.

Welcome Gifts

Send a simple welcome gift to new employees as they kickstart their journey.

Our Approach to On-Boarding

This was our most popular update during Covid. With administrative staff remote and front line staff at the various locations and facilities, we worked with clients to creatively welcome new hires. We will talk about your current process, tools, and goals. Then implement our tools seamlessly.

How do you want to welcome new hires? Kango focuses on the softer welcome. Make it more personalized than the HRIS approach.
We create the messaging you want to convey to new hires including your values, mission, and support resources.
Support Your Employer Brand
Equip new hires with content they can use to announce their job on social media.
Send positive feedback in Teams
Engage Employees

Let us help give your employees a great first 90 days

We can share what other companies are doing