Onboarding in a Hybrid World

Onboarding in a Hybrid World

Start things off right for new employees

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Welcome new hires the way you want

Our broad-based and intuitive on-boarding module helps HR leaders welcome new employees in line with their culture and goals. Once we learn your goals, we adapt the platform and get you started quickly.

About Headshot Example Welcome_combined
About Headshot Example Welcome_combined
Personalized Welcome

Communicate Values and Make it Personal

Automatically share your organization's values with the employee that may include a welcome gift, questionnaire to get to know them better, or links to resources that show the impact your org has on the industry, employees, and the community.

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Team Welcome

Help colleagues share info about themselves

The more personal part of onboarding is critical to start things off right. Automatically notify colleagues of new hires in their groups and help them make an initial check-in. Our tools can alert, remind, and suggest best practices for colleagues.

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About Headshot Example On-Boarading 2.0
About Headshot Example On-Boarading 2.0

On-boarding past the 90 day window

This module will automatically ask the new hire for feedback every 30 days to ensure HR and mangers are hearing about the new hire experience promptly. In addition, managers receive valuable insight to help serve as a mentor and guide the employee development.

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Why KangoGift vs your HRIS Onboarding Tools?

Every company has a unique culture. We help you onboard new hires in ways that resonate with your values and goals. We customize the experience to what you want people to experience.


How do you want to welcome new hires? Kango focuses on the softer welcome. Make it more personalized than the HRIS approach.



We create the messaging you want to convey to new hires including your values, mission, and support resources.


Make it enjoyable

Get to know the new hire. Ask them about their likes, dislikes, clothing sizes, and more. Help HR and colleagues give a personalized experience moving forward.


Support Your Employer Brand

Equip new hires with content they can use to announce their job on social media. 



Equip senior leaders with reports that can help them mentor/welcome new hires and also better understand which skills and profiles are entering the organization.

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