Extend Kango to Your Collaboration Tools

If your employees are living in Microsoft Teams then our integration is an ideal fit. Utilize our full engagement platform within Teams. Our advantage is that we help you go beyond peer praise to include rewards, reporting, and integration with your specific values and programs.

Extend Kango into Microsoft Teams
All of your programs integrate with Teams.
Key Features
Send, receive and post recognition to channels. Reinforce efforts with rewards.
We go one step further than other recognition apps since our Teams integration is the full engagement platform.
What's Unique?
Everything is tailored to your program goals, budgets, workflows, and values. No standardized stuff.

What You Can Do Within Teams

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We benefited by working on our Microsoft Teams application during COVID. This meant our clients shared with us the specific challenges facing their employees. Connecting in a remote work world. Sharing praise in both public and private ways. And reinforcing work with rewards and making sure senior leaders know what's going on. The outcome is our app that helps you synchronize your multiple engagement programs into Teams and include a dashboard.

Once your KangoGift platform is implemented extending into Teams is straightforward. Think of it as investing some upfront time to set the rules and goals of your programs and then have them seamlessly operate within Teams.

You want managers to check in more frequently and communicate the impact employees are having on peers, company, and themselves. Our program based approach lets managers and employees give praise at the appropriate level.
One easy app that is fully integrated into Teams allows you to turn on the ability for employees to praise each other and also utilize the unique tools of group praise and communication.
The nerdy benefit is that the app is integrated with your full Kango setup. Annual statements, budgeting, payroll, reporting, etc. are all taken care of!



Combine various recognition programs into teams. This includes automated awards communicated to individuals or large groups when celebrating a milestone.

Equip employees with a tool that is literally part of their everyday work lives and give them an opportunity to feel good when celebrating.

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