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We Built KangoGift to Help You Show Appreciation to Employees

We are a team of HR leaders and tech experts who combine insights into organizational behavior with the latest ways tech can improve the employee experience. Our dogs and kids come first. Clients are a strong second.

We do this work because we love people. We are all unique.
HR and Tech Experts
Been doing this since 2009. We've learned a little.
Dog Lovers
All pets are welcome.

Our Team

We have helped deliver 1M+ recognition moments to our clients' employees. It's because of our crew this is possible.

Todd Horton
Has been in HR tech since the first dot com across compensation, recruitment, and corporate culture. MBA from Yale.
Vilém Procházka
Has been with KangoGift since the beginning (2009). Microsoft specialist and led our partnership with IBM Watson in 2016 when exploring big data opportunities.
Rick Sheehy
Has been in marcom since the invention of the press release. Coordinates our messaging across thought leadership channels, blog writing, and our partnership with World at Work.
India Team Lead
Vikas Agarwal
Has led large scale web tools such Monster.in and other APAC properties. He coordinates the global dev team in India.
Employees in Boston, Seoul, Delhi, and Prague.

Our Trusted Clients

A few examples of global companies partnering with us to build great cultures

It all started with a text message

Company History

  • entrepreneur
    Brilliant Idea
    It all started in Harvard Square in the summer. We were one of the first mobile gifting companies in the USA. Entrepreneur named us a "Brilliant Idea" for 2010.
  • service_1110
    Employee Recognition
    Many if not all companies change the course. Companies started using our consumer site to send employee rewards from local merchants. We flipped over to be focused on HR tech.
  • IBM_Think_Speaker
    IBM Partnership
    We are proud of the machine learning work we did and introduced with the IBM Watson team.
    Sent 1 Millionth Recognition
    Almost 10 years into being a recognition partner we reached a milestone. Looking ahead we are focused on the entire employee experience, but will always remember where it started.

Who's In

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