Frequently Asked Questions

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About KangoGift

What is the mission of KangoGift?

Our mission is to help organizations foster cultures that ensure employees feel valued, appreciated, and inspired to do their best everyday. Our HR tools help organizations achieve those goals. 

KangoGift is built on three pillars - authenticity, transparency, and meaningful relationships. We only live once and want to help employees enjoy their journey at an organization. 

What does KangoGift do?

We are an HR technology company that provides a platform to enhance the employee experience using three modules - engagement, recognition, and insights.

Our turn-key tools are built on HR best-practices. We can also adapt the platform to your company culture, processes, goals. Let us offer a few details. 

How can KangoGift improve your relationships with your employees?

Engagement--We offer on-board, pulse surveys, feed back and communication values to name a few

Recognition--Manage, peer, global rewards, nomination programs and service awards

Insights--Leadership insights, trends, retention and insights

Our Approach

Who do we help?

Human resources - We help streamline employee engagement programs, improve processes, and provide analytics into program performance for leadership. We help uncover trends across the organization, identify impactful and effective managers, communicate their values and mission, and conduct retention and turnover analysis.

Managers - We provide tools that remind, coach, and offer suggestions when giving positive praise and feedback. We help managers be more effective when engaging employees across the organization.

Employees- Provide a positive experience that demonstrates the company cares about their development and achievements big and small.

How can we make your life easier?

KangoGift works with innovative and creative Human Resources professionals to address their greatest problem: employee engagement and retention. Every HR manager knows about the costs associated with hiring and on-boarding an employee as much as the much smaller costs of engaging employees. 

KangoGift brings a wealth of expertise and understanding to this situation because we learn from our client's leaders themselves about current and emerging problems they are facing. We then work together to provide cost effective solutions that engage employees and maximize employee retention. 

The KangoGift solution works to enhance the employee experience by empowering managers to directly engage employees by rewarding them for a variety of results and accomplishments. We help organizations to succeed by creating that environment where all employees can be recognized for accomplishments on a timely and direct basis.  The KangoGift solution brings data and analysis to senior level management to provide a correlation between employee engagement and managerial effectiveness.  KangoGift provides Human Resources innovators with the ideal solution to create and analyze employee engagement. 

The workplace is changing rapidly. Our approach is to hear the key challenges you are trying to solve around employee happiness and adapt our tools to enhance the employee experience, recognition, engagement, and insights.

Client Profile

Our clients typically range in size from 500 - 10000 employees and have an interest in improving the ways managers, peers, and executives communicate with each other. The common trait is the desire to give employees a positive experience in order to make the work meaningful, promote a good culture, and streamline various HR programs into one system.