Employee Engagement

Celebrate achievements big and small to foster a great culture

What is KangoGift?

We help companies foster great corporate cultures. A great employee experience leads to higher performing teams, happier employees, and increased retention. Our tools help managers and employees give timely feedback and praise. Our HR analytics engine helps uncover and suggest which employees could use positive reinforcement.
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Why Customers Love US!

  • We help organizations capture and deliver employee praise and feedback in meaningful ways.
  • We understand how to utilize employee recognition to bring the best out of employees.
  • We have the most advanced employee analytics engine to ensure employee contributions are measurable and being recognized.
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Industry leading Employee Engagement Solution

How we help
Smart Managers
Alert managers to opportunities for them to give meaningful praise and feedback. Our platform will suggest to managers which employees may deserve a special thank you. Give managers the tools to give authentic feedback at the right time and aligned to the organization's values.
Employee Recognition
Provide all employees an effective way to give authentic praise for a job well done. Align various recognition programs such as service awards and on-the-spot awards into our platform so that all recognition is aligned to a common goal.
Employee Insights
Keep HR and executives updated on employee progress towards organizational goals. Our customized reports are tailored to your culture goals and inform people with the influential employees and metrics on how the corporate culture is progressing. 
Celebrate the employee experience
From on-boarding to retirement, create a plan that engages employees at all stages of their time with your organization. We work together and discuss the type of journey you want employees to have. Together we craft programs that ensure employees are being recognized for all achievements (big and small).

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Increase in customer retention.

We tripled the participation rate in the recognition program and increased employee retention for company like Honda.
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