Increase senior leader visibility of employee impact

Insights and suggestions help stakeholders take meaningful action

It may seem like we are mixing oil and water, but we aren't. It is possible to combine data analytics for your employees with suggestions on how you can offer them a genuine experience. 

Employee interactions are critical. Genuine thoughtful communication from a manager provides profound impact. Build on that a manager's understanding of what an employee values and the impact they have, can help increase your retention rates. 

We do this by offering a benchmark set of retention reports that help track metrics at very detailed levels and groups your employees into clusters you may not have consider. The goal is to find attributes of your populations and understand what's retaining them. 

Retention is critical. There are the employee replacement costs and also the potential loss of an employee making a big impact in the organization. 

Our retention tools are based on our reporting engine that is easy to use because once we receive your employee info, we generate and send you reports that summarize high level metrics and offer drill down areas that may need attention. 

Our team is also available to help you evaluate and plan a course of action.

- Groups you define,  new hire retention, job level retention, and 10 other metrics

- Insights into your retention trends. Uncover which positions may need attention and which ones are     flourishing. 

- This approach to dashboard reports for retention help you track trends, uncover potential issues, and highlight groups doing so well you want to study them more.

- Workforce planning tools such as identifying succession plan



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