Global Incentives & Rewards

Today's multinational world requires multinational solutions that reward employees no matter where they work. The KangoGift solution is ideal for programs facing this sort of obstacle. We support programs that operate in more than 20 countries,each one uniquely customized by us based on the organization's need and the local cultural fit. 

We can also provide country specific payroll reports which factor in the unique tax structures of the countries our clients work in, making it easier to track taxes thus ensuring the reward catalog is transparent and easy to benchmark and catalog. 

KangoGift's solution comes with an unmatched expertise in what types of rewards employees enjoy receiving.  In many  countries we serve that is by using the gift card.  This is in line with the philosophy we share with many of our customers that the best way to reward an employee is to provide them with an experience selected by them. In all circumstances, the goal is to help to streamline the genuine communication of appreciation from management to employees in a meaningful fashion. 

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