Key Features

Smart and effective tools to bring the best out of your people

Key Features of Our Employee Engagement Platform

We work with you to create an employee experience that will enhance your culture.
Peer and Manager Recognition

Enable workers to reward great work in ways that align with your goals and values. We provide contextual help to ensure the recognition is meaningful.

Employee Experience
Welcome a new hire, celebrate a birthday, reward an achievement big or small. Together we craft a program and our platform helps ensure positive behaviors are reinforced throughout the organization.
Employee Insights
Utilize data and insights to recognize and reward employee effort. Together we craft the scenarios when a manager should be alerted to a recognition opportunity.
Recognition Awards/Incentives

Save up to 40% on your award/incentive budget. Well suited for sales incentives, safety awards, performance awards, and on-the-spot awards.

Service Awards

Celebrate milestones in ways that resonate with today's employee. Alert managers and colleagues to upcoming service awards and customize what employees receive for each milestone achieved.

Manager Alerts

Create digests that summarize the impact employees are having on the organization. Provide executives insight into the employees performing in line with the company’s values. And keep managers updated on which members of their teams are receiving from praise and feedback and identify which employees may be due for recognition.

Budget Management

Track budget compliance for various recognition and reward programs. Dashboards highlight how each program is performing in line with goals and provides HR and finance a single line of sight into the status of each program.

Executive Reports
Send executives regular summarizes of employee recognition and feedback throughout the organizations. Measure the impact recognition has on aligning employee effort to company values and goals.
Nomination-based programs

Enable employees to nominate colleagues for special awards based on the specific elements of your program. Well suited to programs that recognize top performers in a department and programs that award teams for the impact their work has had on the organization.

Increase employee engagement

We stand out for the positive impact we have on employees and the way we help HR teams streamline programs and uncover employee insights.
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