EmployeeEngagement Platform

Live your organization's values

Our engagement platform helps employees, managers, and executives celebrate great work.

Our robust platform handles each stage of the employee journey with tools that enhance your culture and provide a personalized employee experience. 

It easily handles, on-Boarding, 30, 60, and 90-day surveys, employee preferences, communicate new hires through your social tools such as Teams, performance evaluation prep, milestones, and more.


Communicate genuinely. Help educate colleagues and let them communicate in their own voice and words.
We are all busy. Our system provides nudges, cues, insights to help deliver more enriching feedback.
Employee Journey
The platform taps into each stage of the employee experience and helps you achieve your goals beyond what most HRIS systems offer by default.
Helping Leadership
Let's be honest. Senior leaders need help communicating with employees. We give speaking points and suggestions of what to say.

Tailored to YourPreferences

Customize the ways you welcome, celebrate, and attract employees.

Words Matter

We define engagement by helping managers across all stages of the employee journey. Bottom line is that our tools help your managers communicate the impact of employees.

Our Trusted Clients

We work with organizations of all sizes

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do we have to use all features?
No. The idea is that we adapt our platform to the employee process you want to improve. Clients then add and iterate. It is rare for clients to "turn everything on" at once.
What does your platform do in 35 words?
Our tools engage employees in positive ways throughout their time at your organization. View our tools as those that do some things automatically and also alert managers and leaders so they can do something personal.
How are you different?

We've been helping clients since 2009. We are an award winning solution that is tailored to each client's culture. Our pitch is that "best practices" tools are too generic. A little effort upfront yields great dividends when it comes to engagement levels and retention.

What are profiles of your clients?
Clients tend to range from 500 - 10,000 employees and are looking to streamline engagement programs into one system that helps track, report, and handle all positive reinforcement.

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