Will My Global Employees Like Gift Cards?

Gift Cards for a Global Population

Our extensive experience has shown beyond a doubt they will . Employees never say no to a gift card and are often thrilled to get them. We know that the goal of the international gift card is two fold.

Gift cards essentially put more funds into the employees hands. Shipping and taxes of international items eats into the net value an employee receives by gift or cash/paycheck rewards. The gift card enables employees to purchase something in their local country thus netting more purchasing power. 

In this case, it’s not whether employees like gift cards, it's more to ensure employees have choice and see a tangible reward for their contribution. We have seen the direct satisfaction of employees who receive gift cards. 

Global gift cards help human resources have visibility into spending throughout the organization and streamlined access. KangoGift’s solution allows you to engage your employees in a genuine and authentic fashion since you are opening a dialog that appeals directly to their need to be recognized and by doing so in a direct, appreciable fashion.  

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