How We Help Employee Retention

Helping you retain the employees making an impact

Insights and helping promote genuine experiences

It may sound like we are mixing oil and water, but we aren't. It is possible to combine data analytics for your employees with giving them a genuine experience. 

Employee interactions are critical. Genuine thoughtful communication from a manager provides profound impact. Build on that a manager's understanding of what an employee values and the impact they have, can help increase your retention rates. 

We do this by offering a benchmark set of tools that help enhance a specific stage of employee journey with you. We discuss your goals and adapt our technology to your program. We can help with one program or multiple. The idea is to listen to what your employees need and give something that saves time, is easier to manage, and provides measurable impact. 

Programs may include 

- On-boarding/new hire experience

- Communicating company values

- New hire surveys

- Employees sharing their preferences so you can give a personalized experience

- Pulse surveys

- Manager tools to have more insights/tips when giving praise and feedback

- Recognition programs

- Global rewards/incentives - save money and time with your global reward programs

- Birthdays

- Service Awards

- Tools for senior leaders to give praise

- Insights for senior leaders

- Life events

- Nomination programs

Experience Platform


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