What Experiences Should we be Recognizing?


No matter the organization, there are times when an employee can see themselves as just another nameless cog in a large machine.  Someone who works really hard, puts in the extra time and effort and knows how much they contributed to the success of the project and the organization. But also made to feel like they actually contribute nothing.  Wouldn't it be great if  that instead of the traditional thumbs up and great work now you can recognize significant, user defined, events in the employees life?

KangoGift provides you with ways to to do this by creating an environment where it is easy for line manager to recognize the employees who make a difference easily and while their hard work, or key event, is still present in their mind. Our solution empowers leaders throughout the organization to make that staff member a person in an otherwise faceless organization. 

  • Have they done great on a project? Recognize them
  • Is it a work anniversary? Recognize it
  • Is there a special life event happening? Recognize and celebrate

KangoGift's solutions make this type of program easy by letting the organization's designated managers act in a fashion where key events are recognized and build the cultural bond that is very necessary to ensure proper employee engagement and reduce turnover. 


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