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We can help identify which part of the employee experience will benefit from being freshened up

Our boutique HR consulting group helps organizations address practical corporate culture challenges such as manager training, emotional intelligence training, benchmarking, surveys, and employee interviews.

We become your partner in identifying areas within your culture you want to improve and can also help solve it or leave you with a clear roadmap.

Todd and Team Can Help

With 20+ Years in HR, he can help you assess employee wishes and help you prioritize a plan. He can lead managerial training sessions on emotional intelligence, best practices for hybrid work, and recognition.

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Here is How Our Service Works

Specialized service focused on employee satisfaction and engagement.

We are agile and help collect data and make sound decisions. There are times when the big consulting shops are needed. Other times, a partner that can make the process clear and actionable is what is needed.
Employee Focused
Our practice believes that the hybrid work model is here to stay. Thus we focus on ways to help employees share their preferences and what's meaningful to them in ways managers and leadership can see and take action.
Recognized by Peers
The team has presented at World at Work, been quoted in major publications such as Forbes, Bloomberg, and Inc. And educated at Yale's School of Management.
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