Information, Not Data To Better Engage Your Employees

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One thing we all face today is the issue of too much data but not enough information. I recently Googled, “fun places for dinner,” for metro-Boston where I live. The information was staggering so by narrowing it down to almost ridiculous levels, “fun places to get a hamburger and fries,” I was successful finding out what I needed.

Researching dinner was fun. Pulling employee data, formatting it, and studying it without full confidence I will get an answer is rarely fun especially given everything else on my list. Yet we all want to enjoy our meals out and gain insights from our internal data to make smart decisions that will both improve the employee experience and create operational efficiencies. How can we do that in ways we can focus on potential answers and not drowning in data.

These are the top three areas I’m hearing HR leaders focus their teams attention on gaining insights, not data. The goal is to find trends, best practices, measurable insights, and observations on what you can do to enhance the workforce.

  • Retention analysis tools that identify specific trends
  • Effective workforce planning and succession
  • Information that helps start genuine and authentic discussions among managers, employees, and HR

The good news is that thanks to new solutions it is possible to engage employees in these areas resulting in increased employee engagement, and ultimately, retention. Let’s look at how this is happening in more detail.

Retention analysis tools are available and becoming more efficient and intuitive- High level retention and turnover stats are key. Given the times we are in, we can now use tools to understand retention and specific levels in the company based on grouping HR leadership wants to measure and learn from.

When I’m demonstrating the KangoGift solution and I get to this part of the discussion I am often asked to go into more detail. This part is our proprietary customizable dashboard.

I find myself diverted into a discussion on the benefits of this type of solution. Here is an opportunity for organizations to get information. Up until then they had tons of data to comb through. Now they had this information at their fingertips. They can see what is going on by any set of metrics which they believe is important. They can get to the direct answer they need.

Effective workforce planning and succession are now a reality--So now you have that powerful new dashboard which opens up the world to you. First of all you can set up a solid metric system which will be designed by you. You now have the ability to cast a wide net and based your workforce planning around a specific set of metrics that can help understand which skills and talent profiles are fostering measurable impact.

While it can be pretty easy to say OK so I want to look at manager X vs manager Y. OK pretty basic stuff, but now with you can break that down into any number of parameters you would like. Since it’s user defined and you know what you want then you can get what you want.

In addition you now have the ability to search those qualitative measurements you hadn’t been able to do before because you were too busy parsing data. You can find out if one person has any great ideas to share. Maybe you can find out if an under performing group is doing so because of some outside stress? In any case you increase retention because you have the information to stop any problems before they become the problem that sends your most important customers fleeing to the doors.

Genuine and Authentic Discussions--It’s hardly news that the best way to make an employee feel like they are not respected is to send out some blast communication or put on some pretend event designed to tell the employee what you want to know. Now that you have the right information you can create a more authentic experience for the team.

Let me give you an example. With solutions like the one offered by KangoGift you are able to use your new dashboard to identify trends both positive and negative. You are then quickly able to establish reasons for the difference between the two. Based on those parameters set by you, the organization now possesses a tool to compare and contrast the two and create that authentic experience by ensuring the organization’s culture is being promoted and that employees believe they are a key part of that larger element.

One thing I hear regularly when I meet with Human Resources leaders is how much data they go through and what little helpful information they get from it. The good news is that with solutions like KangoGift’s innovative HR organizations can:

  • Build a dashboard customized to their unique needs so they get the information they want when they want it
  • Start effectively planning for your workforce because you can now use information and not just raw data. You can finally be proactive.
  • Have genuine and real discussions with your teammates-Solution’s like KangoGifts have liberated you from the world of useless data. Basically all of the guess work is done . You have the information necessary to be proactive and meet the employees needs before you find out about them too late.

You may have noticed that each step leads on to a bigger and better stage. I can tell you based on my personal experience interacting with HR leaders is that they find themselves seeing greater and greater opportunities with each step.

The beauty of the KangoGift solution is that it gives you information and not data. It removes confusion and stress.It puts you in charge of your employee engagement and retention.

Todd Horton