Leveraging AI to Transform Corporate Culture

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Video transcript from Todd at the 2018 IBM Think Conference

This past spring Todd and team were fortunate to share a case study at the IBM think conference. As part of the conference, the IBM team made a video where he had the chance to share the reason for starting KangoGift. 

The video is available on the IBM website and a description is listed down below. 

Years ago as a young employee. I felt over looked on many occasions and became disengaged. People weren't sharing with me the impact I was having on the organization. When I felt overlooked, I then channeled that energy to start KangoGift so that people who deserve recognition would receive it. 

We are an HR technology company focused on employee recognition and rewards and work closely with our clients to create great corporate cultures. What that looks like is coming up with programs where you can recognize people for the everyday wins and successes. 

It's really the Watson tools that are essential to help us get to where we want to go. As a company, we have deep human resources expertise. By working with Watson and AI we can understand the culture of a workforce and provide effective suggestions so that managers can give the right feedback at the right moment for the right employee.



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