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IBM Think 2018

Exciting news from the KangoGift team, 

We are proud and honored to be speaking at the upcoming IBM Think Conference. The event will look at how new technologies such as AI, cloud, and big data are impacting all industries - including HR. 

Buzzwords aside, we are seeing two major trends when discussing employee engagement. 

1. Authenticity - employees crave real displays of appreciation and feedback from managers.

2. Intelligent Feedback- simply saying good job or I appreciate you doesn't cut it. Managers are looking for ways to highlight the impact employee effort had on the organization.

When technology can help managers give authentic and meaningful displays of appreciation that is when we see employees increase their level of engagement and commitment to the organization.

Our session will focus on employee engagement and offer examples of how new approaches to alerting managers to opportunities are yielding positive results.

We are thrilled for the opportunity to present the impact our work has had. 

See you in Vegas!