Getting to know HR machine learning

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At KangoGift we know that corporate culture is two things. First, it defines what an organization is to those who deliver its solutions and, second, it is immensely challenging to build and maintain. How then can organization’s create an employee experience that resonates on an individual level?

Of course this task falls almost exclusively into the lap of human resources. In addition to all the diverse, equally difficult tasks HR has to perform they have to keep their pulse on the happiness of employees. There are so many solutions out there that promise to do this and that and you know what? They often muddy the waters because they don’t provide a real, authentic view based around the corporate culture.

Knowing that to be the case, KangoGift has found that a machine learning based solution is really the most effective way to properly build a system that focuses on the authentic relationship between manager and employee. Corporate cultures are organic and change over time given that employee relationships are at their cores. New tools help bring attention to the meaningful ways individual employees are making an impact and equip managers with ways to give reinforcement.

What is machine learning? So before I go on let me share our definition of machine learning. The concept itself if pretty simple. With machine learning the more you do the more the system is able to help you by picking out key data elements and identifying them for you so that you can then take appropriate steps. Systems learn, adapt, and help.

This makes the job of the HR person much easier because instead of compiling tremendous spreadsheets trying to figure out which manager is losing the most employees and what manager is keeping them they can see that at a touch and act accordingly. Think of it as information being delivered rather than searched for.

So how does machine learning help me? The basic premise of KangoGift is that it makes every aspect of human resources stronger by using machine learning to make their lives both easier and more productive. We know how difficult on-boarding, employee engagement and issues around employee retention are. We can ensure this process can be done in a fashion that puts the information right at the fingertips of those who need it most.

When customers ask me to name that one, single thing that I like about machine learning it’s about how much easier it makes our lives because it anticipates what we need. It makes our lives easier because it streamlines those important tasks which can be one part of those multitude of tasks that sheer numbers could cause us to overlook.

For example, one of our clients created a senior leader dashboard that highlights manager effectiveness and the qualities that make the manager so effective. Leadership then meets and learns more detail on that manager’s approach and style then incorporates what is learned into new manager training. The goal is to use tools to identify what managerial practices work for their culture and shine a light on them. In this case, machine learning finds trends and then can offer advice to other managers.

What will machine learning do for you? A few lines back I spoke of the authentic relationship being necessary for the success of a proper organizational culture. Solutions like KangoGift’s, brings you that opportunity for managers remember important events and so much more. Thanks to machine learning all the mind adapts to your unique culture and its needs and as a result anticipates your needs and acts accordingly.

Machine learning is one of the tools that is making employee engagement more than just an empty expression. Its many attributes include:

  • The ability to create a more authentic work experience
  • Keeping managers more informed
  • Empowering managers to make better decisions,
  • Improving organizational culture
  • Increase employee retention.

These attributes, plus many more, are the reasons that the KangoGift solution is built around machine learning.

Todd Horton