Conversation On HR's Real Reality

1 Minute Read

What's the way forward us in HR? The reality is sinking in and I'd enjoy sharing what we are hearing to help you figure out your next steps.

Quick backstory. Running is a hobby of mine and an activity that brings me tons of joy. I recently fell into the middle-age hole of getting injured and have been sidelined for a month. In one of my running newsletters, a doctor who specializes in athletic injuries offered to talk with runners for 30 minutes about any running related injury, strategy to stay healthy, or just hear what it is like to help elite athletes stay healthy. I'm not elite, but like knowing what they hear. I jumped at the chance and received guidance from a true expert. 

Building on that spirit, I'd welcome the chance to share what we are learning from our clients on what's working, not working, priorities, and just ideas on how we as HR people can navigate through these times with a focus on our corporate cultures, engagement, and tools to help managers. 

Eager to share and pay it forward around what we are hearing. 

Todd Horton