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 What's In Store for 2018 at KangoGift


Thank you everyone who made 2017 a great year. It was a record setting year for us by all measures. We helped deliver thousands of recognition moments on behalf of our clients, expanded the team, and became even more clear on how we help organizations enhance their recognition and reward programs. 

Now it's onto 2018! But first, a quick story.

In December I was visiting a client where I met with the SVP of HR, director of compensation and benefits, finance manager, and our main contact Sally (real name masked) at a global software company. When departing, Sally, unpromptedly, shared something nice in front of the group. She said,

"The number one reason why I enjoy working with Todd and the Kango team is that they are always there. They pick up on the first ring and make me feel like they are an expansion of our team and care about our employees as much as we do."

I share it because this is a core value we want to maintain for the year ahead.

Here's what you can expect from the KangoGift team in 2018

Continue to keep it personal

A benefit of being a specialized company is that we get to work closely with each and every client. Our personalized approach is a core value of how we operate and you will continue to see us lead with a people-focused style even as we continue to grow. This extends into our tools which are designed to help colleagues give personalized messages of praise, feedback, and appreciation.

Expand our platform

It became clear last year that our clients were looking for ways to celebrate employee achievements of all sizes. These days our clients want to provide their managers and employees simple tools to give everything from instant feedback to specialized awards. On average, clients have three recognition programs in place and we are committed to offering a platform that is customized to each client's goals and corporate culture. 

Help HR, Managers, and Employees

A theme with us that we develop smart and simple recognition tools. 2018 will see a focus on making our platform smarter and more intelligent in terms of helping organizations understand their workforce in new ways.

HR - Provide simple and smart tools that streamline various recognition programs, and also uncover insights about the employee population. 

Managers - Give them an effective way to deliver an authentic moment of appreciation while sharing tips and suggestions on who may be in need of praise.

Employees - Work hard to help ensure employees receive the praise and feedback they crave. This means we keep the employee in mind when designing our product. We ask, "how does this help the employee" receive the praise they deserve.

Parting Thoughts:

The theme for 2017 was about fine tuning our platform for our clients and learning how we best help them. 2018 will be focused on expanding our offering to tap into the way HR leaders want to recognize and reward employees across all generations. This means making our tools more intelligent, designing them for the way people want to be rewarded today, and ensuring each recognition moment captures an authentic feeling of appreciation.

Thanks and let's have a great year!