Our Mission

Help organizations foster cultures that ensure employees feel valued, appreciated, and inspired to do their best everyday

Our Company

KangoGift works with organizations committed to creating outstanding corporate cultures. By tapping into the digital workplace, KangoGift offers simple and effective HR tools that help companies capture, recognize, reward, and amplify exemplary employee actions and performance.

Our focus on creating a smarter workplace has led to a successful partnership with IBM. Our achievements include winning or being named a finalist in Mass TLC’s Mobile Innovation Awards, MITX’s Start-up of the Year, MassChallenge, and a YEi French Laureate. Entrepreneur Magazine named KangoGift a “Brilliant Idea”. KangoGift was founded in 2009.

Our Values

Living Our Mission

We believe employees benefit from being recognized for their contributions - big and small. We also believe managers want to reinforce employee contributions yet lack a way to do so in many organizations. We strive to bridge the gap by offering tools HR leaders can provide their managers and employees to learn about employee contributions and follow through on showing appreciation.

Our core value are

  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Individuality
  • And a goal to spread positivity in the workplace

Our Team

Our leadership team

Vilém Procházka


Vilém brings 10+ years of experience helping organizations utilize technology to address business situations.


Todd Horton


Todd leads our awesome team and ensures our clients have great experiences using our HR tools.