About Us

We've been helping companies since 2009.

250,000 authentic engagement moments and many lessons later; we are proud of what we offer.



We operate our company just like the way we want to be treated. You have one main contact and our team behind the scenes always works hard for you.

HR Technologists

At the end of the day we are a team of HR practitioners with deep technology experience. We are proficient in focused on what tech needs to be used to solve specific problems. Not the other way around. Buzzwords not welcome.

Global Perspective

We offer employee recognition, engagement, and insights for global employee populations. The easy thing is that we are all people. The hard thing is learning how to effectively communicate to a global audience. We are proud of our global clients who have taught us a lot.

Who We Are

We are a team that blends HR problem solving skills, smart technology skills, and a love of people.

Vilem Prochazka


Vilem oversees the full technology stack. His 15 year career in IT guides the choices he makes to use the tools to build a global platform.

Todd Horton


Todd brings an enthusiasm for building great cultures. He has worked across compensation, recruitment, and corporate culture for 20 years.

Rick Sheehy


Rick enjoys bring together each client's unique story into a larger one we convey at Kango. His enthusiasm to listen and share what others are doing is catchy.


 The Full Team

The team shares one common trait - the desire to keep learning. This theme has meant a lot because we have worked together for years together in most cases tackling all the ups and downs of building a company today. Learning and celebrating the journey is what we value. Our team members include machine learning and AI practitioners, software developers, HR practitioners, finance, and of course a network of Kango team members kids and dogs. Focusing on the next generation.

Company Background

KangoGift launched in the fall of 2009 as a way for people to send gifts to friends and colleagues' cell phones. The original idea was to make it easy to say thank you. This meant sending a friend a cup of a coffee to the local shop as a voucher to their phone. Entrepreneur Magazine named us a Brilliant Idea in 2010. 

A university started using our website to recognize their employees. They found the approach is sending timely praise was meaningful. This sparked an idea.

From 2011 - 2014 we focused on helping companies with their employee recognition programs. We focused on programs that made it easy and meaningful for managers. We built our original HR platform and earned praise for our unique approach. We were nominated or won awards by various trade groups including MITX.


2015 launched a turning point where we began helping companies with programs beyond on-the-spot awards. This meant helping companies merge various initiatives into one system. The goal was to streamline and measure various programs. This led to our IBM partnership.

IBM is a great partner because they have allowed us to present at their conferences, learn best practices in machine learning and 

Recent years have been focused on helping our global clients improve their cultures and increase retention. This means we've built a solid baseline HR platform that can be enhanced for each client. We work hard at retaining the personalized relationship with every client we have. 

KangoGift is based in the Boston suburb of Arlington, MA.

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