What We Learned This Year

What We Learned This Year

Takeaways from 77,000 recognition and feedback moments across our clients.

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Revisiting How We Talk to Colleagues

Hybrid Communication is Here to Stay

2021 taught us to think how we reply to colleagues. That was one of the main insights when we looked at how HR leaders tried to keep employees connected to the values and goals of the organization along with making sure employees felt heard. Authentic, genuine, discussions were requested and most appreciated.

Kelly Decker and Ben Decker wrote in Harvard Business Review that we all can benefit from pausing before we choose how to reply to colleagues. Listening to colleagues is critical. The insight is that how we respond is getting attention from HR leaders when training managers. In addition to learning how to respond to someone who shares something unrelated to work we also must consider the way we respond. Our goal is to be flexible, listen to work and non-work things employees share, and consider how people will respond. In preparation for post-COVID-19 in 2022, hybrid communication in the workplace has been emphasized. Video, voice, IM, email, in-person, etc. We now have many choices. The key to successful hybrid systems is how well you build a hybrid job that connects field workers and remote workers.


Frequent THANK YOU's!

Clients are thinking of more opportunities to say positive things. This spans life events, education, family goals, and personal development.

The old ratio used to be 5:1. As in 5 positive feedback moments for each constructive. Now, it's up to 6:1.

The diversity of the recipient pool increased 22.5% confirming leaders are rewarding broader groups and not just favorites/regulars. Non-award, peer-based, recognition is up 130%. Average award value is down 5% compared to pre-covid, yet employees are receiving more awards.


Thank you-3

Retention tips for managers

Hold Peer Training Classes

Appoint a team member to teach the group on a topic relevant to their interests. Cooking classes, lifeguarding tips, ways to stop a toddler from crying are fun ways to bond as a team.


It's okay to let our guards down a little. Genuine conversation is helping team members balance work, personal, learning goals.

Focus on Impact

Remind team members that you are reporting results and impact up to senior leaders.


Define Short-Term Goals

Roadmaps are helpful in a hybrid world. Identify big and small steps required to get to the end line.

Senior Leader Recognition

Tee up things your senior leaders can say to employees.


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