Show Employees Their Impact

Show Employees Their Impact

Streamline your engagement programs and foster an authentic workplace with KangoGift. We make it easier for HR leaders to celebrate the full employee life cycle with tools that adapt to your culture.

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Our HR Tech Tools

Culture and Retention Matter

Organizations use our tools to streamline their recognition and engagement programs into one measurable and meaningful system.

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What We Do

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Recognition programs across peers, managers, senior leaders, nomination programs, service, birthdays, and global rewards.

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Celebrate the employee journey with meaningful on-boarding, pulse surveys, feedback, life events, and corporate values.

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Identify effective managers, gain retention insights, and learn which employees are making an impact.  

Working With Us

Step 1: Engage

Understand your challenges, goals, and we share what works for our clients.

Step 2: Implement

Our SaaS software integrates with your internal tools

Step 3: Refine

Never stop improving! We iterate your programs as you hear feedback.

What People Are Thinking

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Employees don’t want affirmation from a robot. They want to hear authentic messages from people.

Todd Horton
CEO of KangoGift
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"Our employees love the simplicity and ability to tie recognition to other activities like the annual review."

KangoGift client for 10+ Years
Head of Total Rewards
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Having a remote staff can be a good fit for many companies. Yet, having some staffers work remotely while others are in one office can create separate cultures. Encourage others to share ideas frequently.

Joyce Rosenberg
Associated Press
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