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Give employees a                  positive experience

Streamline your engagement programs and foster an authentic                                  workplace. We make it easier for HR leaders to celebrate the full                          employee life cycle with tools that adapt to your culture. 

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Which engagement programs are creating impact?

We help companies give employees a great experience throughout their journey with you. We adapt our HR technology to support any stage of the employee life-cycle you want to enhance.  The impact is a great workplace, higher performing teams, happier employees, and increased retention. Here's how we help.


Employee Retention

Celebrate the employee journey with meaningful on-boarding, pulse surveys, feedback, life events, and corporate values.

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Employee Happiness

Recognition programs across peers, managers, senior leaders, nomination programs, service, birthdays, and global rewards.

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Leadership dashboards, trends, retention, and suggestions

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Our HR tech tools

We are HR experts that can help enhance you employee experience, retention, culture, and manager effectiveness. We do this with our advanced HR platform.

  • Easy to deploy
  • Adapt to your culture and goals
  • Tap into our large toolkit validated by global companies
  • Communicate authentically
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Growing with our clients.

We built KangoGift the way we'd want to be treated as clients.

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Latest From The Blog

Learn what our clients are achieving around best practices, machine learning, and engagement across diverse workplaces. 

Thought Leadership

We are fortunate to have been recognized for the impact we have had on organizations.

"The key to fostering a happier workplace is recognizing and rewarding hard work and achievements with positive feedback. That’s the idea behind KangoGift"


At the end of the day, the heads of HR don’t care about buzzwords. They care about outcomes.

"If people don’t get frequent feedback on their work, it’s easy for them to start feeling that their efforts aren’t appreciated. 

IBM interview with Todd Horton

Building a positive workplace culture is critical today.

"If the European team gains an insight and doesn’t share it quickly, the others will never know something happened."

Todd Horton, Interview with the Associated Press

It's critical for HR to have global visibility into effective management practices.

How we Help HR home page

How we help HR

We are a small company and celebrate the idea that we adapt our tech tools for each client. We emphasize this because every company has a unique corporate culture. Give employees a good experience, help managers be more effective, and give insights/data trends to HR people. 

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What problems can we help solve?

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